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mysterymoods's Journal

Your love is my drug
I hate people that breathe heavily. I can hear you breathing. That is not good.
I hate when people tape things to walls. If you're not gonna properly frame it, then it's probably not wall-worthy.
I hate handicap parking spots. Why do you get to park so close?
I hate fruit on the bottom of yogurt. Mix that shit up.
I hate it when I tell people I don't watch 30 Rock and then they're like 'oh my God, I can't believe that, it's the best show ever'.
I hate the guy that sneaks a beach ball into a concert. Really, a beach ball? Ugh. Good call, faggot.
I hate it when people hold their ears when an ambulance goes by. Its a siren. Deal with it, you pussy.
I hate that there's more than one show about things that are made out of cake. …Its cake.
I hate that sometimes people laugh when I tell them how good looking I think I am.
I hate when there are nuts in my chocolate chip cookies. You don't need to healthy-up my dessert.